Dossier Nr. 12 Ferma 2019: Search for a new relationship

Industrial insurance is at the threshold of a new era. Digitalisation presents challenges for all members of the industry. But there is hope: Many companies can modernise their business processes. Others can re-evaluate their business models, and public perceptions can be revitalised.


06 – Higher premiums in property insurance
Property insurance is a loss-making business and companies have to deal with higher prices

10 – Cautious market euphoria
Due to recent cyber attacks, many companies seek cover. Cyber insurers react reserved

14 – Aviation claims revive sellers’ market
A series of plane crashs might turn the market and attract new players

16 – Equal rights for all?
Captives do not want to fulfill the same Solvency II requirements as large insurance groups

18 – More risks are uninsurable
The new Ferma-president Dirk Wegener about his agenda during his mandate

20 – What else to see in Berlin
Some leisure time ideas in the German capital

22 – The dark side of digitalisation
Cyber incidents could become a huge threat for managers and D&O insurers

25 – Finally arriving in the 21st century
The insurance industry needs to create autonomous digital interfaces for communication

28 – A beleaguered industry takes stock
Loss-making marine insurers are hoping for a market turnaround

31 – An uncertain future
Brokers are under attack: too slow, too expensive. Are they worth their money?

34 – Fleet insurers weigh telematics benefits
How telematics could help the industry to reduce high underwriting losses

36 – Challenges for global players
Capital controls, geopolitical tensions and terror jeopardise companies’ foreign business

38 – Between a rock and a hard place
Why data security is the biggest concern of UK companies






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